We offer a preliminary free of charge consultation to learn more about the couple and to find out what style of wedding you would like. We would then provide a bespoke proposal based on this consultation.

The proposal will include details such as suitable venues, suppliers, entertainers and creative concepts.

Fees are based on a percentage basis and are dependant on your exact requirements.

Our promise to you

  • We will perfect your Event/PR campaign right to the very tiniest detail.
  • We will work in partnership with you for the entirety of your experience, ensuring that your specific requirements and expectations are met and where possible exceeded.
  • In the event of a problem we will act in a responsive manner and provide solutions to your satisfaction.
  • We will be competitively priced and endeavour to meet your objectives within your budgetary constraints
  • We will provide you with 24 hour access during the entirety of your experience and respond to all queries within 3 hrs max.
  • We will be passionate about our clients' business, especially its bottom line and make no assumptions.
  • We will provide only the best people to deliver your event/pr objective and ensure correlation with your vision and values
  • We will work daily to give you the best possible results
  • We will be relentless in striving to please YOU, our customer